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Belvadere - Psychedelic Shoulder Travel Backpack Bag

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Introducing the Psychedelic Trippy Travel Bag! The perfect way to express you Inner Bohemian! This carry-all bag is designed with 3D printed pattern designs featuring vibrant designs and bold colors. It's ideal for the adventuresome soul with a dreamy spirit. Its spacious interior provides room for all your travel necessities so you can explore the world in style. And it has adjustable straps for your convenience. The Psychedelic Trippy Travel Bag - for journey makers and life shakers. #TravelBag #TrippyBag #Trippin #PsychedelicVibes #BohemianStyle #VibrantDesign #UniquePatterns #WorldExplorer #ExplorerVibes #TravelEssentials #LifeShaker