Who am I, and how did I get here online? (Getting to know us)

I am sharing a quick story of how I got here online, and how I began selling products as well.

I started my online business in 2013, because there was a necessity for me to stay at home.

In 2012 my wife was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and needed my full attention at home, and I was having issues with my previous employer giving me the time off I needed to get her to and from radiation treatments.  

We ended up moving closer to the University of Michigan hospital, only to find out my old employer, would not transfer me to a nearby store I was working for.  

So desperate to find something to do from home, I exhaustively searched online for "Work from Home" Jobs, until I came across a course that taught me how to sell online "Ebay, Amazon, On this site ETC"

Since 2013 I haven't looked back. I started my own company, sourced a few suppliers, and have been trudging along ever since.

I've added new products that I sell on my site, and am complimenting them with other amazon affiliate items.

The items I sell, and have a personal relationship with the manufacturer are, the products found here at this link I have been selling their furniture for awhile now, and it has been quite popular.

My wife has had her ups and downs, but thanks to selling online, I have been able to stay at home and help her through all of them.


Thank you for reading this, and have a blessed day.

See my list of products I sell from the manufacturer here