A little bit about Isaac

Isaac was in an accident on March 28th. He was driving a golf cart. He was taking a turn and went too fast. He rolled the golf cart and when he did he stuck his leg out to stop it. The golf cart crushed his leg. It broke the tibia and fibula bones. He is currently in an external fixator. He has no skin from the knee down. As of Monday the 30th of April he has had 7 surgeries. He has more surgeries to come in the future one including a skin graft. The first 2 weeks after the accident they where talking amputation. The loma linda children's hospital was able to save his leg, but its a long cry from healed. Everything is piling up. Any donation will be used on bills and anything Isaac needs. We thank everyone for their support and are just happy my 11 year old didn't lose his leg. He still has a long way to recovery and ask everyone to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


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